Weekend Recap

It just doesn't last long enough does it? The weekend is quick and then Monday sneaks up on you before you know it!

But it is all good because my weekend was very relaxing! Let's break it down...


Hooves and Paw day baby! My sister and I went and got mani/pedis at our favorite place. Sorry I didn't take pictures. I was so relaxed!

After that it was all about errands. Just a lazy day of getting stuff done, having girls lunch out, laughing like loons.

Wrapped the whole evening up in iPad puzzle-thon. I love to put jigsaw puzzles together. My momma and I would put a couple together whenever I would go visit, but her Macular Degeneration is getting worse and we have had to put up the puzzles. Good news for me! I found an app on my iPad that allows me to put them together! Love it!


Of course came way to quick! Lt got off work and we made plans of a date day. This consisted of going to visit his parents and eating Mexican food. Oh so good! We followed that up with a trip to PetSmart. Here is the best story every...

When Lt and I started dating and he found out I dressed Gavin up for Halloween, he decided that was too much. So he makes this elaborate story (that continues every year) about how Gavin and he talked and Gavin asked him to make sure that he doesn't get dressed up for Halloween anymore because the other dogs were teasing him, yada, yada.

Fast forward 3 years later and what does Lt go and do? Get Gavin a Halloween costume. So this year Gavin is going as Chief Fire Dog!

So my plan is for Lt and I to don our monkey masks and walk Gavin, who will be dressed up as well, through my sister's neighborhood. Wouldn't that be a hoot to see?! Trust me, pictures will be coming for this one!

I'm also joining Mingle Monday with Life of Meg for the first time. Welcome new readers!

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  1. Just found your blog and loving it!!

    Perfect weekend! I kind of want to guess that it was a beautiful sunny weekend? No idea why. I need a mani/pedi desperately. I feel like it would be even more relaxing during the Fall. You feel so hot having them in the summer that it's just not as enjoyable :) Thanks for bringing back memories of jigsaw puzzles. When I was younger and my grandmother would babysit me, we'd spend all afternoon chatting and making one. She found this website years ago that had awesome jigsaw puzzles. You could choose how many pieces you want and they design always changed. I could do that for hours. Love the costume!! I love putting Petsmart tees on our dog. We have two for Christmas (one says: "Naughty, it's the new nice") and then just a few random ones. I always tease my fiance about getting our dog all the Martha Stewart stuff they had at Petsmart. I take FULL advantage that my fiance works there :)

    Looking forward to reading more and getting to know you!

  2. Kristen, Thanks for checking out the little o' blog of mine! I know what you mean about mani/pedis in the summer. But that is when I need it the most! I too have found an online puzzle but found the iPad is more portable. So glad to find someone that is like me! I was wondering if there were others out there that dressed their pups! I want to see that Christmas t-shirt!

    1. Hey girl! Pups are like children so why not! :) I was going to reply to the comment you left on my post from today but it seems you are a "noreply-comment" blogger. I dont know if it's an option you set purposefully but I just wanted to let you know so you didnt think I wasnt responding! I usually respond via email.


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