Took the Leap!

Ok, I did it. I still can't believe I actually did it! I took the leap and darkened my hair.

You see, when I feel the need for change, my go to is my hair. Right be for graduating high school I went from long hair (past my shoulders) to super short (just below my ears). So when the need for change came, you bet I did the hair transformation, but I learned to keep my length and just change the color.

The moral of this post is to stand by your decision even if it is scary. I made this change for myself. I was wanting a change and felt this was the easiest and really, safest change I could make. I am sorry Lt is not on board with it like I am, but as he says....I have to wear it. The best thing is, even if it is not what he hopes for, he stands by me and my decisions and supports me. That is the love of a good man. 

I am learning to do things for me and not to please everybody. Ok, I confess, I have to please everyone first. One of my journeys is to curtail that need to please and focus it on the need to please me! It is scary, but I am doing it one baby step at a time.

Thanks being here to share my "transformation". I think we might be going down a new path. Who knows where we are going, but we will enjoy the view because...WE GOT THIS!


  1. I love the new hair! And you're right...We go this!

    1. Thanks Manda! It is such a huge change. I still look in the mirror and think...who is that! LOL


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