Soda Monkey

Psssst....Can I confess something to y'all? I have a soda monkey on my back and having a heck of a time getting it off!


Growing up, we had pop. Yes I am from an area that says "pop". Not "coke", not "soda", but "pop". Momma would get Classic Coke and we would not refrigerate it. OMG! It was so good hot! I think it had more of a burn to it.

So I grew up, still enjoying my coke, soda, pop, addiction. I would occasionally jump on the healthy wagon and drink only water. But like any addict, I would have that first sweet wonderful taste of cola and it was on again!

Lately, I feel the addiction has been the worst it has been. Like today at work. I got me a 52 oz water. It was still sitting on my desk at 2 pm. However, I had a ginger ale and no cola. I just can't get past whatever hurdle I have to get this soda monkey off my back!

I need help! Advice! Therapy! What have y'all done to overcome unhealthy eating/drinking? 


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