Small Town Quintessential

Yesterday got me to thinking about my little town in Kansas. Priceless memories tumbled over in my brain. Take a stroll with me down memory lane and relive what living in a small town means. More about my small town can be found here.

        Saturday night dates with Grandma for a rousing game of Bingo
The trickle of a creek (pronounced crick), flop of a fish, lazy picnics
Family gatherings happened more than just on holidays. Rivalries of 
Pictionary, Pitch or Charades rounded out many an evening
  Neighbors talking over the bushes, helping out, making rhubarb pie
Having the freedom to ride like the wind on a bicycle, but return 
when the church bells beckon you home  
Playing Kick the Can at dusk with the neighborhood kids 
Slowing down and not having to rush to be anywhere.

The peacefulness I get when I sit on the front porch with the breeze 
tickling the leaves and hearing them laugh. 
Looking out and seeing a sea of wheat dance in the wind. 
To actually hear the locus serenade me at night. 
Taking a huge breath when I cross the Kansas border and a reluctant 
goodbye when I leave.

Memories by the thousand assault my mind bring happier, fonder times.
I don't want to live back in that small town, but I remember it fondly and am ever so thankful I grew up there.

Where are you from? What do we have in common? Are there really any differences?


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