Riddle Me This


Driving to work and yeah it is a little rainy (finally) and there are kiddos waiting on the corner for the school bus. Hate to be therm! But what do I see but a dad and his kiddo sitting in their SUV parked at the curb waiting on the bus.

Now I ask you, why wait in a vehicle for the bus? I totally understand staying out of the rain, but you could have drove the kid to school in the amount of time you sat at the curb! And what about the other kids standing out in the rain while you are in the car? How rude is that? These are kids that are in your neighborhood!

I thought you had your kiddo ride the bus because you were unable to take them to school because of time or traveling in the other direction, etc. If you can sit for 10 minutes until the bus shows, I would think you could drive them to school. It's not like you are saving money on gas because you are running the car while it is parked on the side of the road!

Riddle me that!

Now mind you, growing up we never had a bus to come around and get us. We either had our parents take us, walked or caught a ride with friends until we were old enough to drive ourselves. For the most part my parents drove me to school until high school and I always walked home. Once I hit high school, I caught a ride with my friend until I had a car to drive to school. It was good enough for me!

I also do not have children so who knows what I would and would not do. I am not bashing parents. Please don't think I am. I am just trying to figure it all out.

Maybe it's the kiddos. It seems to me, high school kids are acting more and more entitled to things. They are being more disrespectful (or it seems to me) to their parents. It is scary to think our youth is growing up with a give me and I'll do very little if anything to get it attitude. What will our future be with this mentality?

Or maybe I was just having a bad day when I saw this going on at the curb. Being a high school teacher, maybe my mind has become warped and it is really not as bad as I perceive it to be.

What are your thoughts?


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