Munster Mansion


Remember growing up and watching The Munsters? I just LOVED that show! I still watch the reruns. Well, I got to have an adventure Friday night. As much as I love them, I am not a fanatic about the show, but Chuck and Sandra McKee has built their house to be the exact replica of house on the TV show. They had to figure it out all by watching the show.

It was so cool inside! You walked in to the house you see Spot looking out from the raised staircase. The downstairs is lit by mostly candle light. There were cobwebs everywhere! It had everything...coffin phone, Grandpa's electric chair, Lily's harp, the stove, hidden passages, spinning suit of armor and everyone's bedrooms.

The McKees open their house for two nights in October for people to visit. They do it as a charity event. This year they chose their local Salvation Army. There is also a slew of volunteers that help out those two nights. The McKees dress up as Lily and Herman Munster. Friends of theirs dress as Eddie and Grandpa.

When you are in the house you can not take any pictures. Why? Well, the McKee's live there! How cool would that be? Click Munster Mansion where you can see some video clips of their house. Chuck McKee is working on the Mobile, the Munster's car. We got to see that, and it started up! But trust me, don't touch the car.

Oh and Pat Priest was there! I got to meet her and get my picture taken with her. Butch Patrick as been there also in the past. Take gander of my pictures. Sorry for the quality. I switched cell phone providers and am using a phone that is less quality than my previous one.

On the Salvation Army bus going to the Mansion!

My sister and I got a picture with "Grandpa".
He was always in demand for pictures.

The Munster's Moblie. It really does start up. It is still a work in progress

My sister, "Herman" and myself enjoying the night.

Pat Priest in the House! It's cool that I got to meet her!
FYI: She also did a movie with Elvis. Had to pick her brain about that.
We had a great night. Spent a couple hours there. And ended the night with a full moon over the spook Munster Mansion. Awesomeness!!


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