Halloween Fears

With Halloween fast approaching and all the TV programs are running horror movies and such, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about fears. My fears are:

1. Clowns. I hate clowns at any time, not just Halloween. An irrational fear or loathing, but there it is. I can go to the circus and be ok. Freaky clowns (or any others), I am outta there.

2. Grasshoppers. Ok, I know I grew up in Kansas and did a lot of fishing and camping. Thus starts my dislike of the Gs. You walk through a field and they begin to jump everywhere, swarms of them! The stick to you and won't come off. I am not too proud to say that I have screamed like a little girl and done the dance swatting at all the grasshoppers to get them off of me when they are around.

3. Haunted Houses: Self explanatory. I just don't like to be scared. It is not entertaining in any way. This clip from Ellen is so me. Of course I laughed like a loon watching it, but you will never get me to go there!

4. Scary Movies: Let me just say, I can scare myself. I do not need a movie to do it for me. Still not getting it? I got scared over Sixth Sense. When Lt starts to watch a scary movie (he loves them!) I will go to another room. As a teenager I have seen at least one Freddy Kruger movie and one Jason movie. I also watched the Poltergeist movie..."They're here"...it combines my fear of spooky movies AND clowns! Enough said.

Even though I am a big scardy cat, I still love Halloween. I could devour a whole bowl of chocolate mini candy bars, but won't even touch them this year. I love to see the kids dressed up in their costumes. Lt and I will be rockin' the monkey masks again and Gavin will be dressed up as well. As long as I don't go down the street to the spooky house, all will be well.

What are you afraid of? What do you like/not like during Halloween?


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