Changing leaves
Crisp air
Carved pumpkins
Hikes in the mountains 

Last year LT and I went on an amazing trip to Massachusetts and New Hampshire to get our fix for the autumn season. Let's face it, Texas seasons can be summed up by salsa hot or hotter than Hades. So for this autumn deficient gal, I take to the woods, literally. 

This year I was having a serious cause of work ethic hit me hard and I begged to do our yearly trip in the summer so I would not have to take a week off of work and we went to California to the Redwoods. So now that fall has arrived, I am wanting kicking my patootie for not holding out for a fall trip!

So I need to relive this trip just so I can get a taste of fall. Welcome to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

At Flume Gorge I was a super woman pushing this boulder up!
We just decided to turn down this road. Gorgeous!
Hiked to this waterfall. Started to snow on us!
Best trip ever!
Love covered bridges. Icing on the cake was that it started to snow!
We also did some side trips. Of course we had to go to Salem, Mass. I had found a seafood festival in Newport, Rhode Island. They also had a park filled with carved pumpkins that you could tour through. We waited till the evening to enjoy this phenomenon. We have never done that but it was awesome! Unfortunately I can't find my pictures at the time of post, so I went to their website Friends of Ballard Park in Newport RI.
Salem in October was perfect! Spooky!
Pumpkins in the park
This in no way has helped me. It has made me crave my leaves more than ever! Alas, this is not meant to be this year. Yes, a tear just slide down my face.


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