An Attempt at Crafting

Lately I have been getting the crafting bug. I have been wanting to do some crafty things and dang Pinterest has been feeding this need. I have been pinning like crazy on my craft board! So I finally took the plunge last Sunday and did a project. Here is what I found on Pinterest for a Halloween project... 


I found the letters at Hobby Lobby. It took forever to find them! I swear everyone was doing this project because I could not find the letter "B" for anything! Finally I found them! I was first thinking of putting this down my door, so I wanted some bigger letters. Also I took into consideration how they would hang. I love the scrolly (yes that is a word in my dictionary!) letters but did not think it would hang well when I tied them together.

How did I do this, you ask...easy. After I found the letters, I bought black matte paint and used a sponge brush (I don't know if sponge brush is the way to go, but that is all I could find at the time!) and away I painted. I made sure to paint the top and the sides both on the inside and outside. 

After it dried, I took some raffia and tied the letters together. When I found my picture on Pinterest there was no directions, so I had to wing it. I wrapped the raffia around the letters once on the top of one and the bottom of the other and then did a bow tie. Repeat with the other letter. I liked the raffia to be a little longer so I did not cut them as short as the picture. Don't forget to do the top. I wrapped the raffia around the top of the "B"twice and then made a longer loop to use as a hanger. Again, I did a bow tie to keep uniform with the rest. 

Now I will admit, I attempted a burlap bow for the top, but alas, my crafty skill only went so far. I think I slept on bow making day. Anyway, I ditched the bow and just left it o' natural. The cool thing about this project is you can change up the bow, or use ribbon or colored raffia to tie the letters together. You could decorate each letter, glue spiders on them, or glitter them! The sky is as wide as your imagination.

Oh, and I couldn't make it work on the door because of the door knocker. So I just threw it up on the wall in the entry way. I took down the other stuff because I am looking at redoing that area. That is why it looks so bare on that wall!

This was an easy project for me because it did not really require any skill. Just my type of crafting! Plus I really like the black letters on the wall and the raffia keeps it simple and natural, not too primitive or "countrified". I got the seal of approval from LT and that is good enough for me!

Next project...Stamping letters on burlap! Always a first in this house. 

Share your first project. What was it? How did it turn out? I love to hear and share stories!


  1. I love that project! I've been meaning to make one myself!

    1. I can't believe how easy it was! I am now thinking of what I want to do for fall or Christmas!


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