MIA and the New Me?

Hey! Here I am alive and well. Well, alive anyway. Life just has a way of sneaking in and taking over, doesn't it? That is what has happened to me. I started working at the school again and it seemed things kept changing and I had to adapt. I have found I do not really do that well with change. Oh, I am fine if it is not real quick and I get whiplash from it. But let me tell you, my neck has been hurting the whole month with all the changes. And they are still coming!

Not only that, but I have been going through some personal, well, crisis is way to strong of a word. But it really does feel like that. I have been working on it. God love Lt for sticking with me through the rough parts and riding the emotional roller coaster . Let me tell you, that man is a keeper. If he can survive the ride I have been on, he can make it for the long haul! This is Lt's response to my earlier text today. Now you understand the name of my blog better, huh?

I am not sure if I am ready for any emotional throwing up on the blog. Maybe I will be ready one day to start, but right now my vulnerability level is non-existent low. Well, pooh, let's just call a spade a spade. I don't do vulnerability. Gasp! There I said it. Maybe being vulnerable on this little o' blog of mine will be my next hurdle to jump. 

But until then, let's work on the outside of me. It is so much easier than the inside! So here is a picture of me currently

I am thinking of a change. Lt asked that I do not cut my length. I will defer to him in this, because I think I look better in longer hair. My hair is so baby fine that it just hugs my head and if it gets too short, Lord a mercy I look like a boy or a drowned rat!

So I am thinking of changing my color. I have always been blonde, just different shades of blonde. So I am thinking of going this blonde



Or maybe even darker and going more Bronde. It is really outside my box and don't know if I can pull it off. Is this too much of a whiplash change?



The reasons for change:
  • Give my hair a break of always coloring it blonde. 
  • I always go somewhat darker in the fall/winter.
  • Ready for some kind of a change and my hair is always the first to suffer.
  • Tired of roots!
  • Go longer between colors which will also save me $$!
So, I need you to help me decide. Should I change my hair to #1which is a subtle change, or #2 a more drastic change?

Oh and I am getting it done on Wednesday, Oct 3 so you will see the finished product after that. EEK!


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