Summer Vacay

As you know, I have been away from my blog for some time. Between working summer school and getting ready for my trip, I really haven't had time. Plus, while I was on vacation, I was all about spending time with Lt and enjoying nature.

I have to say, seeing and hiking in the National Redwood Forest moved me to tears. Literally! I was standing there, soaking it all in, thanking God for his amazing canvas and the opportunity to experience, tears started to form! I feel privileged to have experienced this trip.

A quick rundown on what we did and I'll share just a few of my 300+ photos:

Day 1-5:
1. Drove 4 hours north from San Francisco to Eureka
2. Drove through 2 trees
3. Hiked the Trees of Mystery (3 miles)
4. Hiked a couple of different trails in Redwood National Forest (3 miles)
5. Drove 4 hours (one way) to Lassen Volcanic National Forest (hiked 3 miles) and toured the steam holes. Plus saw a rescue from the Cal-Fire boys
6. Drove down Avenue of the Giants and Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway and saw Roosevelt Elk and salmon

Day 6-9
1. Drove back to San Francisco
2. Monterey Aquarium
3. Highway 1 including some light house looking and hopeful whale watching (but never saw any)
4. Muir Woods (hiked at least 6 miles up and down mountains)

It was the most wonderful and moving experience and feel blessed I was able to do it with Lt. It is hard to capture the towering majesty of the Redwoods, nor the trails we hiked or how high or scary they were. Words and pictures can never do the experience justice.

So without further ado....on to the pictures!


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