4th of July...Better Late Than Never!

Ok, I know it is July 16, so this post is really really late. Better late than never, my momma always said!

Speaking of Momma....I went to Kansas to see the folks for 4th of July weekend. We flew out July 4th evening. I was pretty excited to get the opportunity to see fireworks in the sky. You really don't know how high up you are until you are looking down trying to see fireworks and can't. Finally, we were down low enough to see. It was pretty cool. Also when we landed (at the itty bitty airport), the farmer beside the runway shot off a big ol' pretty right outside my window...COOL!

This is not from my plane. I deleted my pix! But this is what it looks like.

Then we drove the 30 minutes to get to the folks house. Every little town had their firework display going off. It was beautiful! Then we made it to the folks house. OMG! Driving through town, every house was shooting off fireworks. Not just the little kind, but big beautiful colors bursting in the sky.

We stood on the front porch and just marveled at the displays all around us and above us. And the noise! I swear it sounded like a war zone with all the pop pop pop and BOOMS! It was surreal especially living in TEXAS for the last 16 years.

See in Texas, fireworks are banned in the city. They sell fireworks outside the city limits and you can pop them outside the city limits but not inside. I had gotten used to this not how it really is in my hometown. See, growing up in Kansas, all those many years ago, there were really no rules/laws about fireworks. Oh, you can't shoot them near or over a wheat field because that is during harvest season, and you can't shoot them at anyone or hold them in your hand, but that was about it.

So travel with me back, WAY back, to my childhood and let me share some 4th of July memories.

1. Waking up early in the morning, think of early like Christmas morning-gonna open presents-early, and you get your punks ready and go out and pop Black Cats and smoke some snakes! You would be doing this all morning until lunch then it was too hot. But we'd be back out at night with sparklers and fountains and such!


2. PUNKS! You remember these right? Those long brown sticks that stay lit on the end. Kids of all ages could use it. Just remember where you aim those things! My sister and I remembered many a time we would burn someone else or get burned because we weren't paying attention. I wonder what kids use now to light their fireworks/


3. We had this one night time firework that you attached to a fence. When it was lit, it spun colored lights round and round. Well, the firework jumped off the fence and chased my aunt all down the sidewalk! She couldn't escape that thing! It was so funny. We still tell this story to this day. We don't let the good stories die. They live on forever!

So tell me about what fireworks is like for you either from your childhood or today. Do you have bans on fireworks in your town or is it a free for all?


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