Weekend Wrap Up and Father's Day Shout Out

The weekend came to an end too quickly! I am finally out of regular school, but now into the summer school mode. This means I only work Monday thru Thursday until 2:30! Boy, you can do a lot in the summer with that kind of time.

Weekend Wrap up:

Friday I went shopping with my sister and spent a little cash. Just some new tops mind you. I have lost about 10 pounds (not a lot, but I'll take it!) so I did not want to buy too much. It was just so relaxing top spend time with the sis! And while I was shopping, Gavin went to the cleaners! Yes, skankmo got beautified! Just look at this adorable boy. Who wouldn't want to love up on that?

Then there was Father's Day. I was unable to be with my dad this year. But we talked on the phone. I am blessed to have my dad. While I grew up he set high expectations (some I met, others not so much), handed down a strong work ethic, passed his humor on to me, and taught me to be the independent woman I am today. Mom had a lot to do with it too. Thinking about Daddy on "his" day made me miss him even more. So I hunted for some photos of my dad.

This is typical dad. He loves to sit outside whether on the front porch or back yard (usually he smoked a pipe pre-cancer) and just enjoyed life. He would bestow upon listeners his philosophies of life. I love sitting out on the porch with him and just listen to him talk about the past, present and future. He has seen things we, of this modern generation, never will. I think everyone should take time and list to the stories of our elders. Learn from them.

One of my favorite photos. I was privileged to join my dad in one of his annual naval reunions. This one was in Sacramento. They were the VF-92. You can see how proud they are because they are wearing their shirts. Plus I just love that my folks were holding hands. Growing up I did not see this much, so it means more to me now. They still love each other after 54 years and are looking after each other. On a side note, daddy was proud to have two of his daughters join him on the trip and this year he took his other daughter to Vegas for that reunion (they have it in different locations every year). Unfortunately, this will be the folks last trip because of age of themselves and others. So the small group keeps getting smaller.

This just tugs at my heart strings! Daddy was starting chemo. My sister and her family went up to visit. Daddy is walking out with little Alli girl, his first great grand-baby. Is this not adorbs?! I still get choked up looking at it.

But my dad was not the only one that get a little celebration. Gavin decided Lt needed a little "dad's day" so Gavin took over the recliner joined Lt in the recliner and gave "dad" a little love.

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and had a chance to let their Dad know they love them. Not everyone has the conventional father, but whoever your father is (step-dad, uncle, mom, etc) please let them know what they mean to you.


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