I Just Gotta Have It!

Is there something out there that just makes you pick it up and buy it? A little something that you continue to buy although you have more than enough, but you just gotta have one more?

Hello. My name is Laura, and I have an addiction to continually buy:

1. Journals: OMG! I am addicted to journals! I mean, look at this picture! Doesn't that just shout out that I need some kind of therapy? I LOVE journals/notebooks. They are laying all around the house...at least 3 at my bed side, one in my purse, one in my backpack for work, one on the coffee table... I use them to jot ideas, to do lists, journalling, blogging, notes, or just anything!

These are all mine! I think I need some help.
2. Pens/Pencils: If I am going to have all these notebooks around, I need to be able to write in them. So, yep you guessed it, I can not stop purchasing pens and/or pencils. I just purchased a new pencil. It is a liquid pencil. Not really sure what I think about it, but will keep trying it out.

Gavin is not too sure of this pencil either.
I adore a gel pen. It doesn't matter if it is fine or medium. It really depends on what I need it for, so I need to keep them both on hand! And don't even get me started on colors! You name it and I probably have it or have had it and the ink ran out!

This is my newest favoritest pen. Lt found it and I just had to have it. You press down on the stache and it says "Well, hello there". My students loved it! They always asked to borrow it. I had one student take it home (on accident) but did bring it back. Of course he told me he was going to steal it at the end of the year. Yep, I brought that bad boy home with me. Nobody gets my stache!

I found a copy of it at www.perpetualkid.com
3. Hair accessories: I have medium/long-ish hair. So I have become obsessed with hair bands, pony tail holders and bobby pins. I have them in so many different colors, some even matching. I stalk etsy.com for hair accessories and Pinterest for hair ideas. Since I have been walking more, I need to keep my hair up to stay cool and out of my face so I can see. I think that constitutes a good excuse to buy another hair accessory!!

4. Lotions: I can't seem to pass up on a great smelling lotion. I love love love Kiehl's Creme de Corps. I have even found a new lotion in New York that I adore from Aesop. My sister and I popped into the store down in SoHo and ended up each getting a tube. Loved it so much, we got more the next trip to New York. So now it is tradition to buy this lotion in New York at Christmas time! I even had a male student ask to borrow this lotion and I let him have some. He loved it! It is Rind Concentrate Body Balm and it smells like oranges. You can go to www.aesop.com for more information about it.

5. Lipsticks/gloss: You can never have to many! Lately (especially during the summer) I don't wear a lot of make up. I just use some tinted moisturizer, maybe a little blush, and mascara/eyeliner. So I need something to pop on my face. LIPS! Lovin' me some MAC and Bobby Brown. I just feel put together when I have my lips on.

I have to add a little extra about why these are my "obsessions" or "collections". See I have this problem with how I see myself. Yeah, negative body image. It doesn't help when I go shopping for clothes that I can't fit them because either my hipsters are a size bigger than my waist or my chest is just big. So things don't fit well. It is frustrating to clothes shop and usually I just don't want to do it. In comes my list. Those things don't take a "size" to fit. I can pick them up anywhere and get an instant boost and great feeling about myself. It doesn't add to my negative issues like clothes shopping does.

I am working on my issue of how I look and how I perceive myself. I am doing better. Some days I can look in the mirror and say, "Damn, girl, you got it going on!" and really feel it. Some days takes more self talking than others. It is not instant, but I am getting there. Lt helps a lot because he loves me for me, not my body size or hair color. That is a great man!

So, yeah, there are certain things I buy and can't pass up. It'll always be there. But it could be worse. I could be collecting nicknacks, or dogs, or salt and pepper sakers like Grandma Minnie or plates like Grandma Carrie. So, in the scheme of things, I am ok with my collection/obsession/gotta haves.

So tell me your dirty little secret. Your just gotta haves. Those things that you can't pass up buying.


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