Night of the Twisters

Have you ever seen that movie? I did. See I am from Kansas and tornadoes are nothing new to us. Heck, it is more likely to see people standing outside looking for tornadoes than people in the basements. I remember one time I was driving through a storm with my cousin and her daughter and we ended up in some ladies house off of the highway because we were in the path of the tornado. I even worked the local drive in theater when we got the call to evacuate because a tornado was headed our way. The ironic part of that tornado was that the movie "Twister" had just left the theater the night before! Freaky!

But I now live in Texas and things are not really different. It 's nothing for my brother-in-law and I to stand outside looking at the sky. The biggest difference to me is in Texas there is no basements! In Kansas almost every house has a basement. I am not liking these storms and not having the security blanket of a basement. But I have still taken shelter and believe in being prepared and ready.

I have had been through a tornado warning twice while at work. Once 5 years ago during the evening summer school. The second, and most recent, was last year during the school day. We spent all afternoon in the hall. Do you know how hard it was to stay inside and not go outside and be a spotter? Do you know how hard it was to be a "role model" and stay inside? But I did it.

Now I was faced with another tornado watch/warning situation last night. This one is the worse night! I hate tornadoes at night because you can't see the sky and see what is going on or coming at you. I like to see and know. So since I was "blind" last night, I prepared early. What this means was I moved the vacuums out of the closet (the most interior place in the house) and put in my backpack with my wallet and keys, a couple bottles of water, my tennis shoes, Gavin's leash (He was already wearing his harness) and I got dressed. You may think it is weird what I put in there, but you just never know. I figure prepare like I am going to have to go outside in the weather and what would I need. Everything else is just stuff that can be replaced.

After preparing, it was just sit and wait. Gavin did not like doing this. He was antsy. He gets like that when there is bad thunder, but we didn't really get that when he did his little freak mode. This picture is how he spent probably 20 minutes. I guess it made him feel secure. He went back to normal not long after that, so who knows what was going on in his little mind. Don't mind how I look. I just had a massage and it was about 9:30 at night.

So the tornado watch lasted until about 2 am. Most of the tornadoes and thunderstorms were to the south of us. I finally took my Benedryl (stupid allergies) and Gavin and I slept like the dead. Thankfully we only got strong storms, not the tornadoes or 4 inch sized hail other parts of Texas got. 

All is safe again in our world. It just gave me a little homesickness. FYI: If it was during the day, I would have been outside checking it all out.

Does anyone have stories of encounters with tornadoes? Share! I would love to hear them!

Remember: Watch means keep an eye out it could happen; Warning means take cover it is here! Be safe out there people. We are in tornado season!


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