Music Soothes the Soul

Music is what drives me. Lt and I go to many concerts. Music speaks to me. No matter my emotions, music is my balm. It lets me beat out the anger, fuel the happiness, cry out the sadness and keep me in peace and harmony. Even if you can't put words to feelings, a song will do it for you.

Music speaks to the soul
puts feelings into words.
Gives us the highest highs
to fly with a flock of birds.

Music calms the soul
and gives us times of peace.
When our emotions are out of control
melody becomes our release.

Music is the balm
to all the negativity.
Just stop the circus in your head
and float in tranquility.

Music, how you speak to me;
 the stories that you share.
You are a gift to the world
 and your power leaves us bare.

- Laura H.

This is my first attempt at poetry. As you can tell, it is not really my strong suit. It just felt like I had to get it out in this form.

And on that note, "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone has become my anthem.


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