Making Memories

I love to make memories! Just call me the Memory Maker. It's what you need to do in life...make memories. So my memory maker happened this weekend. I got to spend Mother's Day with my momma and daddy, plus my sister and her family. Lt missed out because he had to work. BOO :(

My parents just got back from a road trip to Vegas. I was unable to go because of my job. Why do I have a job again? Oh right...paycheck, livelyhood, shaping young minds, yada, yada, yada. Anyhoo, I decided to drive up the 4 hours needed to see the folks in Oklahoma with my other sister K. Getting up at 5 am is not ideal for me, but the looks on the folks face when I showed up at the Sunshine Cafe for lunch was priceless!!

I got to make memories with Momma, K, and sweet little Alli riding around the ATV. Alli needs to learn to keep her mouth closed though. She will once she gets a bug or two in there! LOL. I jumped out to capture the moment. Love these ladies!

While the ladies were outside enjoying nature and the breeze in our hair, Daddy was doing his favorite pastime...napping. The really funny part was Jaxon was playing in his little thingy and then we looked over and he was pulling a G-Papa! Don't they look the same!

I just love making memories like I said, but really enjoy capturing them on film to relive again. Trust me I have plenty of mental photos but it just isn't the same as sharing them. I am so glad I got to see the folks even for a few hours.

I need to make sure to do more travelling to see my folks. Their long distance travel days are coming to an end I am afraid and it is on us children to go to them more. I am planning at least two trips up to Kansas to see them this summer. 8 hour drive will kill me, but worth it for the folks. Maybe I can get a flight up for one of the trips.

On another memory note, check out Lt and I coming back from taking his parents out to lunch on Saturday for Mother's Day. I tell you, the man does NOT like to have his picture taking! How can I get him into taking least more often or less drama? Any ideas?

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my memories! Have a supercalifragillisticexpialidocious day!


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