Home Town Blog Hop #3

We have traveled from where I am from in Kansas. Remember, that itty bitty little town of 800? Then we traveled 25 miles west to check out the biggest town close by, the rootin' tootin' town of Dodge City? Yeah, you remember those (she said sarcastically). Well let's stay in Dodge for just a bit more and let you know about what to do in this big ol' town.

 Ok. The town has recently (within the last few years) built a casino named Boot Hill Casino and Resort (original, huh?)  My parents always want to take us there when we come up to visit. I still haven't figured out why. I don't gamble, Lt doesn't gamble, Daddy only plays the penny slots. I guess it is a way for Momma to get out there and wrestle the one arm bandit. If it makes her happy, I am all in! Of course Momma has macular degeneration of the eyes. What this means is her vision is going away. She will still be able to see in her peripheral vision, but not straight on. When we go to the casino, I volunteer to be her eyes. I think she knows this, doesn't appreciate it, but indulges me by not saying anything. Heck, I enjoy the casino more this way then by giving the casino money!

Now they have built a new arena called United Wireless Arena. They have had music concerts, comedians, hockey, wrestling, children programs, and even proms and graduations. When I grew up in this town, we would have to drive almost 2-3 hours for a concert. Now, kids can almost have any concert in their own backyard. That is so cool!


Lastly is the best, most awesomest, well worth the miles place to eat! It is an institution in Dodge City. If you ever happen to wake up and find yourself in Dodge City and go what the what? Stop a minute and remember two words...Kate's tacos. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Kate's has the best food in town. It's that little dive that has been grandfathered in and is the go to place to eat. Kate's has been were my folks would eat when they were dating! That is how old this place is and the food is TO. DIE. FOR! 

Momma and her G-baby Alli in front of Kate's
This town is growing and providing more for it's youth; however I am still glad I got the "hell out of Dodge!". No offense town. You provided for me when I needed. I am thankful I have moved on to bigger places. You have provided a boat load of memories and you are still taking care of the folks. For that Dodge City, you will always have a special place in my heart.


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