Hello May

May has arrived so fast! It seemed like just yesterday it was April. Hardy Har Har. Lame joke I know, but May has really snuck up on me! I looked at the calendar today, and I have 35 more days of school left. Yeah, we have to go until June 6. I choose to look at it as 35 days as opposed to one month and five days. Sounds like it will get here quicker.

May seems full of promises. Hopes for the month of May include, but not limited to...

1. Graduate at least 5 more students. It's all in their hands.

2. Have an awesome turnout the end of May for our first graduate luncheon! What a great way to show our students how proud we are of them. Some of my students do not have the encouragement or motivation from their self or home. We provide that, even after graduation.

3. Have a successful garden. Our first ever community garden has been planted by our students and is in conjunction with another school and a local bank. Students are pretty excited about it. It is a great way to enrich their lives and to show them the world is bigger than just them.

4. Memorial Day weekend! We will get that Monday off, but even better is the Friday before we will have off. It was to be a bad weather make up day and fingers crossed, we won't need it! Yay! Road trip anyone?

1. Concerts!

2. Festivals! Dallas has so many festivals coming up: Cottonwood Arts Festival and Wildflower Festival are just two that have caught my interest. I haven't studied up on what festivals are all over Texas. I am a driving fool and love to go, see, and do!

3. Yard: The goal is to plant St Augustine grass, but with the past draught and future weather to look forward to, we are not sure if it is the right time to plant or not. I just love improving the yard!

4. Read, read, and read. I am looking forward to loading up my Kindle Paperwhite and immerse myself in book. If I let myself, I could read a book a day!

5. Farmers Market for veggies and flowers. I promise this time I will NOT get a parking ticket!!

What does your month shaping up to be like? Any big, special, exciting plans you want to share? I love to live vicariously through people. Imagination is wonderful thing. Maybe it will give Lt and I some ideas!


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