Coffee and Conversations #10.

Coffee & Conversation

I have my mug of Archer Farms Creme Brulee coffee sitting beside me and I am ready to converse. Good thing today is Coffee and Conversation with Kayln at Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After. This week's question is...

Reader's Digest used to run an article about who the most memorable character
in your life. Who is your most unforgettable character and why?

When I first read this, I focused in on "character". Honey, my family is full of them! The one character that immediately pops into my head is Uncle Henry. He is my father's uncle. I remember as a young girl, Uncle Henry was larger than life. He was the funny uncle who would always come around the house. I even liked it when he would call me his "Little Wife". I swear I was probably like 12 years old.

As I got older, I think Uncle Henry got, well, crazier. He would come by the house and "borrow" stuff from the garage, but it did not always get back. My most favorite story about Uncle Henry was when he was denied a driver's license. That did not stop him! He jumped on his riding lawn mower, tooled down the side of the highway, determined to go to Kinsley (about 40 miles away). The highway patrol stopped him and then called my dad to come get him. We laugh about this even to this day, but let's just take a moment and think about it.

Here is a man who did not let anything stand in his way. Instead of sitting around doing the poor pitiful me, who is going to help me; he took care of himself. He did not let a lack of driver's license stop him. He was innovative. Heck, the man came up with the idea of riding the lawn mower! You don't need a license for that! 

Another story that is pure Uncle Henry was when he was sick and had to be hospitalized.  I do not remember the reason he was in there, but the decision was made (by Daddy no less). When momma and daddy went to visit Uncle Henry, he introduced momma so lovingly and positive to the nurse. Then came daddy's turn. The story goes, Uncle Henry then turned to daddy and I quote "And this is the son of a bitch that put me here!" You GOTTA love that man!

Uncle Henry did not care what people thought of him. He was who he was, for whatever reason. He spoke his mind and you always knew how he felt about things. Yes, he embarrassed the family. But he was family. We don't hide our crazies. We bring them to the forefront for all to see.

What I learned from Uncle Henry and the stories of about him...

1. Be yourself - You are you. There is nobody like you. Uniqueness is a joy to embrace, not hide and be like everyone else. 

2. Speak your mind - this one is hard for me because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Sometimes it takes courage to speak up. At work, this is not a problem. Actually, I may be too vocal but personally,  I would rather give up my happiness for someone's happiness. 

3. Speak up for yourself - I do this, but for me I feel I have to be perfect, so I may not speak up because it goes against "being perfect". I need to relearn this lesson.

4. Don't let life get you down - Even when the worst things would happen to Uncle Henry, he would just keep on moving forward. Getting evicted from the high rise did not stop him. He did not let following the rules stop him. He kept moving forward living his life his way. I am finding this to be a bit hard lately. I am not ready to discuss anything and really don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but just know I have been going through some personal struggles with hopes of coming out on top.

Uncle Henry, you have always been a character in our family. We have laughed with you and at you, but we have always loved you. You are my family. We share the same blood. I have already envisioned a future in which I act a lot like you. You have given us many lessons and I for one, am thankful to have called you family and uncle.

I have a picture of Uncle Henry in a frame at home. It is my only picture of him. I will try to update my post tonight so you can see him. No guarantees, but will try.


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