Thursday, May 30, 2013

If I Got Married...

As y'all remember, Lt and I have been dating for almost 3 years (June 18 is our anny). We have spoken of marriage. That last little hurdle to leap still needs to be jumped. I am disappointed and sad it is not happening in my time frame. And yes it does do something to my psyche because I am trying to be a recovering self-esteem abuser. But that is a whole 'nother Oprah that I don't want to get into right now, if ever.

So the reason for this post is not to "announce" anything. Dang it! But I was scrolling though my iPhone app and came across this picture. I thought it was hilarious! Wouldn't this be fun to do at your wedding? Or a friends wedding?


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Even in Devistation There is Glory

“Rabbi,” his disciples asked him, “why was this man born blind? Was it because of his own sins or his parents’ sins?” “It was not because of his sins or his parents’ sins,” Jesus answered. “This happened so the power of God could be seen in him." (NLT) ( John 9:2-3 )

It's a common belief that people suffer as a way of punishment for their sins. Yet, Jesus used the blind man's disability to glorify God, not to punish him because of his own or his parents' sins. Could the same apply to our suffering? We can view our suffering as an offering to God. It helps to strengthen our faith, teach others about faith, and bring glory to God. When you are low and struggling in your suffering, ask God to show you His perspective.

Download this app to get your daily devotions:

This week we are seeing a different side to God's work. We are used to looking at the gifts, the beauty and the glory of His works. Dallas, Texas lost a 28 year veteran fire fighter in a massive apartment fire. Moore, Oklahoma experienced the devastation of an F4 tornado in which houses were eliminated from their foundation, rescue will be turning to recovery. Right now as I type, we are experiencing a severe thunderstorm with the threat of tornadoes.

It is easy to rail at God and ask him why? What did we do to deserve this? Is this punishment? Trust me, I would be one of the first to have these thoughts run through my head. It is normal, human. But instead of wallowing in this negativity, we need to pull ourselves out and look to the positive.

Just like the daily devotional says: we can use this to strengthen our faith to God, teach others and bring glory to God. All the pictures I have seen of the fire fighter and his brotherhood and those is the aftermath of the tornado, have shown their glory to God by their actions.

We don't like bad things to happen to us or others. I pray God holds all of you in His hands,  protects you and brings you peace and happiness. But during the times of troubles, look to Him to hold you together and get you through.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Christmas in May??

Lt and I love to walk. We try to walk at night in the neighborhood and click off about 2.5 miles. So as we are walking, we notice this house. It still has Christmas lights still up in the house! Not only that but the Christmas tree is still in the window, lit up!

Sorry for the dark picture. Lt would not use the flash and draw attention to us!
At first, I am totally freaking out! What is with these people keeping their decorations up? Don't they know to take them down by the first week of the new year at least? Are they lazy? You see, I don't decorate much over the holidays because it is just Lt, Gavin and I. We have no children (and don't plan any either). I do stocking stuffers with my sis and bro-in-law, but take them to their house. So I don't see the need to put up a tree and I also dread taking it down. Hence: no tree. I do a lot of other stuff, but no tree and definitely no lights inside. So I just can't figure this house out that has their lights and tree still up.

So I got to thinking about it. I tell you, I have spent more time thinking about this house than I should be. I believe in finding the positive so here are my thoughts:

1. How cool this family has decided to buck convention and do their own thing. They are not trying to "keep up with the Jones's" or conform. They are doing what feels good to them. What they enjoy.

2. Christmas time gives you the warm fuzzies. Who wouldn't want to keep Christmas up all year to have those feelings!

3. Christmas is about the birth of our Saviour. Maybe the tree and lights is a way they have decided to keep this in their minds and hearts all year.

Of course, I am me and do dip in to the negative end of the pool on occassion. So those thoughts go like this:

1. Freaky dinkies! Who keeps their tree and lights up all year?

2. Psychedelic festival.

3. I hope the tree doesn't have decorations still on it. That would take freakiness to a whole new level.

I don't know what I really think about this. Every time I walk by this house, it just makes me shake my head. I lean toward the positive thoughts and let that family enjoy themselves. It also gives the neighbors and neighborhood something to focus on other than their issues.

What are your thoughts about having Christmas lights and trees lit up in the house in May?

I am also linking up with Amanda of Rhyme and Ribbons who is co-hosting a Mingle Monday. Just felt like getting out there and shaking some things up today! Welcome everyone! Enjoy my wanderings. Feel free to leave a comment or email me. I love to talk, if you haven't figured it out by now!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Am I Getting Too Old?

Lt and I went to a concert Thursday night. Rock and Roll at it's finest. We were jamming to flashback 80s with Kings X. Now, I love a good concert. In fact we have 5 already set up for the summer. But I was wondering if maybe I was getting too old for concerts.

See, we had to stand all night but found a prime spot close to the stage, against a wall. This spot was right beside the "aisle" so no one should be in front of us. Well. as the night went on, more people arrived and it became a battle for spots.

People started to stop in front of us and in the aisle. This caused major foot traffic jam with people pushing and shoving. To top it all off, the people behind us were so drunk! Thanks for them, Lt and I were showered with beer and Lt even had to grab the lit cigarette out of the guys hand (smoke free environment) and put it out!

Am I getting old because I am less tolerant? That the things in my past when I was younger is now the things that drive me insane? When I was younger, we would go to the concert, no ear plugs and push our way to the front. Now we wear ear plugs and we prefer seats to standing. Does this mean I am, gasp!, old? Or should I see it more as I get get older I get smarter?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Night of the Twisters

Have you ever seen that movie? I did. See I am from Kansas and tornadoes are nothing new to us. Heck, it is more likely to see people standing outside looking for tornadoes than people in the basements. I remember one time I was driving through a storm with my cousin and her daughter and we ended up in some ladies house off of the highway because we were in the path of the tornado. I even worked the local drive in theater when we got the call to evacuate because a tornado was headed our way. The ironic part of that tornado was that the movie "Twister" had just left the theater the night before! Freaky!

But I now live in Texas and things are not really different. It 's nothing for my brother-in-law and I to stand outside looking at the sky. The biggest difference to me is in Texas there is no basements! In Kansas almost every house has a basement. I am not liking these storms and not having the security blanket of a basement. But I have still taken shelter and believe in being prepared and ready.

I have had been through a tornado warning twice while at work. Once 5 years ago during the evening summer school. The second, and most recent, was last year during the school day. We spent all afternoon in the hall. Do you know how hard it was to stay inside and not go outside and be a spotter? Do you know how hard it was to be a "role model" and stay inside? But I did it.

Now I was faced with another tornado watch/warning situation last night. This one is the worse night! I hate tornadoes at night because you can't see the sky and see what is going on or coming at you. I like to see and know. So since I was "blind" last night, I prepared early. What this means was I moved the vacuums out of the closet (the most interior place in the house) and put in my backpack with my wallet and keys, a couple bottles of water, my tennis shoes, Gavin's leash (He was already wearing his harness) and I got dressed. You may think it is weird what I put in there, but you just never know. I figure prepare like I am going to have to go outside in the weather and what would I need. Everything else is just stuff that can be replaced.

After preparing, it was just sit and wait. Gavin did not like doing this. He was antsy. He gets like that when there is bad thunder, but we didn't really get that when he did his little freak mode. This picture is how he spent probably 20 minutes. I guess it made him feel secure. He went back to normal not long after that, so who knows what was going on in his little mind. Don't mind how I look. I just had a massage and it was about 9:30 at night.

So the tornado watch lasted until about 2 am. Most of the tornadoes and thunderstorms were to the south of us. I finally took my Benedryl (stupid allergies) and Gavin and I slept like the dead. Thankfully we only got strong storms, not the tornadoes or 4 inch sized hail other parts of Texas got. 

All is safe again in our world. It just gave me a little homesickness. FYI: If it was during the day, I would have been outside checking it all out.

Does anyone have stories of encounters with tornadoes? Share! I would love to hear them!

Remember: Watch means keep an eye out it could happen; Warning means take cover it is here! Be safe out there people. We are in tornado season!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Making Memories

I love to make memories! Just call me the Memory Maker. It's what you need to do in life...make memories. So my memory maker happened this weekend. I got to spend Mother's Day with my momma and daddy, plus my sister and her family. Lt missed out because he had to work. BOO :(

My parents just got back from a road trip to Vegas. I was unable to go because of my job. Why do I have a job again? Oh right...paycheck, livelyhood, shaping young minds, yada, yada, yada. Anyhoo, I decided to drive up the 4 hours needed to see the folks in Oklahoma with my other sister K. Getting up at 5 am is not ideal for me, but the looks on the folks face when I showed up at the Sunshine Cafe for lunch was priceless!!

I got to make memories with Momma, K, and sweet little Alli riding around the ATV. Alli needs to learn to keep her mouth closed though. She will once she gets a bug or two in there! LOL. I jumped out to capture the moment. Love these ladies!

While the ladies were outside enjoying nature and the breeze in our hair, Daddy was doing his favorite pastime...napping. The really funny part was Jaxon was playing in his little thingy and then we looked over and he was pulling a G-Papa! Don't they look the same!

I just love making memories like I said, but really enjoy capturing them on film to relive again. Trust me I have plenty of mental photos but it just isn't the same as sharing them. I am so glad I got to see the folks even for a few hours.

I need to make sure to do more travelling to see my folks. Their long distance travel days are coming to an end I am afraid and it is on us children to go to them more. I am planning at least two trips up to Kansas to see them this summer. 8 hour drive will kill me, but worth it for the folks. Maybe I can get a flight up for one of the trips.

On another memory note, check out Lt and I coming back from taking his parents out to lunch on Saturday for Mother's Day. I tell you, the man does NOT like to have his picture taking! How can I get him into taking least more often or less drama? Any ideas?

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my memories! Have a supercalifragillisticexpialidocious day!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Thankful Friday!

We are all thankful it is Friday and we made it through another work week! But the week was even better than expected.

 Thank you warm weather! I enjoyed the few days I got to sit outside and soak up your Vitamin D. Also so so thankful for technology! Of course it is out of control at my house, huh? I use every one of my devices, usually at the same time.

There is something about a man and his grill. Thank you Lt for manning the grill, playing with fire and making some awesome chicken!

 Teacher Appreciation Week Loot!

 Finally, my little man Gavin is now a big boy at the age of 10 1/2. He "housed" his first squirrel!! Lt told me there was a lot of racket and barking going on outside and when he went to check he saw this! Lt had to lure Gavin away with a beef stick to let the squirrel go.  Awww, my baby is growing up.

This has been a great week. Looking forward to date night tonight with Lt and some healthy competition of putt putt. I love when memories are made, don't you?

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what my week has been all about. I love having y'all visit!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Music Soothes the Soul

Music is what drives me. Lt and I go to many concerts. Music speaks to me. No matter my emotions, music is my balm. It lets me beat out the anger, fuel the happiness, cry out the sadness and keep me in peace and harmony. Even if you can't put words to feelings, a song will do it for you.

Music speaks to the soul
puts feelings into words.
Gives us the highest highs
to fly with a flock of birds.

Music calms the soul
and gives us times of peace.
When our emotions are out of control
melody becomes our release.

Music is the balm
to all the negativity.
Just stop the circus in your head
and float in tranquility.

Music, how you speak to me;
 the stories that you share.
You are a gift to the world
 and your power leaves us bare.

- Laura H.

This is my first attempt at poetry. As you can tell, it is not really my strong suit. It just felt like I had to get it out in this form.

And on that note, "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone has become my anthem.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Home Town Blog Hop #3

We have traveled from where I am from in Kansas. Remember, that itty bitty little town of 800? Then we traveled 25 miles west to check out the biggest town close by, the rootin' tootin' town of Dodge City? Yeah, you remember those (she said sarcastically). Well let's stay in Dodge for just a bit more and let you know about what to do in this big ol' town.

 Ok. The town has recently (within the last few years) built a casino named Boot Hill Casino and Resort (original, huh?)  My parents always want to take us there when we come up to visit. I still haven't figured out why. I don't gamble, Lt doesn't gamble, Daddy only plays the penny slots. I guess it is a way for Momma to get out there and wrestle the one arm bandit. If it makes her happy, I am all in! Of course Momma has macular degeneration of the eyes. What this means is her vision is going away. She will still be able to see in her peripheral vision, but not straight on. When we go to the casino, I volunteer to be her eyes. I think she knows this, doesn't appreciate it, but indulges me by not saying anything. Heck, I enjoy the casino more this way then by giving the casino money!

Now they have built a new arena called United Wireless Arena. They have had music concerts, comedians, hockey, wrestling, children programs, and even proms and graduations. When I grew up in this town, we would have to drive almost 2-3 hours for a concert. Now, kids can almost have any concert in their own backyard. That is so cool!


Lastly is the best, most awesomest, well worth the miles place to eat! It is an institution in Dodge City. If you ever happen to wake up and find yourself in Dodge City and go what the what? Stop a minute and remember two words...Kate's tacos. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Kate's has the best food in town. It's that little dive that has been grandfathered in and is the go to place to eat. Kate's has been were my folks would eat when they were dating! That is how old this place is and the food is TO. DIE. FOR! 

Momma and her G-baby Alli in front of Kate's
This town is growing and providing more for it's youth; however I am still glad I got the "hell out of Dodge!". No offense town. You provided for me when I needed. I am thankful I have moved on to bigger places. You have provided a boat load of memories and you are still taking care of the folks. For that Dodge City, you will always have a special place in my heart.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Coffee and Conversations #10.

Coffee & Conversation

I have my mug of Archer Farms Creme Brulee coffee sitting beside me and I am ready to converse. Good thing today is Coffee and Conversation with Kayln at Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After. This week's question is...

Reader's Digest used to run an article about who the most memorable character
in your life. Who is your most unforgettable character and why?

When I first read this, I focused in on "character". Honey, my family is full of them! The one character that immediately pops into my head is Uncle Henry. He is my father's uncle. I remember as a young girl, Uncle Henry was larger than life. He was the funny uncle who would always come around the house. I even liked it when he would call me his "Little Wife". I swear I was probably like 12 years old.

As I got older, I think Uncle Henry got, well, crazier. He would come by the house and "borrow" stuff from the garage, but it did not always get back. My most favorite story about Uncle Henry was when he was denied a driver's license. That did not stop him! He jumped on his riding lawn mower, tooled down the side of the highway, determined to go to Kinsley (about 40 miles away). The highway patrol stopped him and then called my dad to come get him. We laugh about this even to this day, but let's just take a moment and think about it.

Here is a man who did not let anything stand in his way. Instead of sitting around doing the poor pitiful me, who is going to help me; he took care of himself. He did not let a lack of driver's license stop him. He was innovative. Heck, the man came up with the idea of riding the lawn mower! You don't need a license for that! 

Another story that is pure Uncle Henry was when he was sick and had to be hospitalized.  I do not remember the reason he was in there, but the decision was made (by Daddy no less). When momma and daddy went to visit Uncle Henry, he introduced momma so lovingly and positive to the nurse. Then came daddy's turn. The story goes, Uncle Henry then turned to daddy and I quote "And this is the son of a bitch that put me here!" You GOTTA love that man!

Uncle Henry did not care what people thought of him. He was who he was, for whatever reason. He spoke his mind and you always knew how he felt about things. Yes, he embarrassed the family. But he was family. We don't hide our crazies. We bring them to the forefront for all to see.

What I learned from Uncle Henry and the stories of about him...

1. Be yourself - You are you. There is nobody like you. Uniqueness is a joy to embrace, not hide and be like everyone else. 

2. Speak your mind - this one is hard for me because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Sometimes it takes courage to speak up. At work, this is not a problem. Actually, I may be too vocal but personally,  I would rather give up my happiness for someone's happiness. 

3. Speak up for yourself - I do this, but for me I feel I have to be perfect, so I may not speak up because it goes against "being perfect". I need to relearn this lesson.

4. Don't let life get you down - Even when the worst things would happen to Uncle Henry, he would just keep on moving forward. Getting evicted from the high rise did not stop him. He did not let following the rules stop him. He kept moving forward living his life his way. I am finding this to be a bit hard lately. I am not ready to discuss anything and really don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but just know I have been going through some personal struggles with hopes of coming out on top.

Uncle Henry, you have always been a character in our family. We have laughed with you and at you, but we have always loved you. You are my family. We share the same blood. I have already envisioned a future in which I act a lot like you. You have given us many lessons and I for one, am thankful to have called you family and uncle.

I have a picture of Uncle Henry in a frame at home. It is my only picture of him. I will try to update my post tonight so you can see him. No guarantees, but will try.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

iPhone App: SkyView

 Lt and I recently took a trip to Oklahoma City to see family. That is not what this post is about it. It is the cool app I entertained myself with while Lt was driving us back home. The app is called SkyView and it is just what it means. You hold up your phone up to the sky and it shows you the stars, constellations, Hubble Telescope, sun, moon, Space Station, etc. You have to move your phone all around to find them. It also tells you the names of everything you are seeing, the actually constellation, and the picture of what the constellation is supposed to be. It is so cool! It can be done in the day or night, but to be honest, it is best at night because the camera shows what you see and SkyView overlays the stars and such. It is hard to see outer space during the day.

I know this sounds weird, but let me show you pictures to understand it better.

 Here is what the app looks like. Of course I got the free version.

I took this at home (on the ceiling) so you can see what it looks like during the day.

Ha ha! You can see the color of my wall and ceiling in this picture!

On the road back from Oklahoma at night. The stars, white dots, are superimposed over the road way.

 This is the constellation Sagittarius PLUS the Hubble Telescope PLUS the Space Station

 Pisces! This is my sign. Look at the sun on the other side of the world. Cool!

Taurus the Bull

Wouldn't this be awesome for children to have access to? Think of the possibilities and entertainment value! I just thought this app was so cool, I wanted to share it with y'all. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hello May

May has arrived so fast! It seemed like just yesterday it was April. Hardy Har Har. Lame joke I know, but May has really snuck up on me! I looked at the calendar today, and I have 35 more days of school left. Yeah, we have to go until June 6. I choose to look at it as 35 days as opposed to one month and five days. Sounds like it will get here quicker.

May seems full of promises. Hopes for the month of May include, but not limited to...

1. Graduate at least 5 more students. It's all in their hands.

2. Have an awesome turnout the end of May for our first graduate luncheon! What a great way to show our students how proud we are of them. Some of my students do not have the encouragement or motivation from their self or home. We provide that, even after graduation.

3. Have a successful garden. Our first ever community garden has been planted by our students and is in conjunction with another school and a local bank. Students are pretty excited about it. It is a great way to enrich their lives and to show them the world is bigger than just them.

4. Memorial Day weekend! We will get that Monday off, but even better is the Friday before we will have off. It was to be a bad weather make up day and fingers crossed, we won't need it! Yay! Road trip anyone?

1. Concerts!

2. Festivals! Dallas has so many festivals coming up: Cottonwood Arts Festival and Wildflower Festival are just two that have caught my interest. I haven't studied up on what festivals are all over Texas. I am a driving fool and love to go, see, and do!

3. Yard: The goal is to plant St Augustine grass, but with the past draught and future weather to look forward to, we are not sure if it is the right time to plant or not. I just love improving the yard!

4. Read, read, and read. I am looking forward to loading up my Kindle Paperwhite and immerse myself in book. If I let myself, I could read a book a day!

5. Farmers Market for veggies and flowers. I promise this time I will NOT get a parking ticket!!

What does your month shaping up to be like? Any big, special, exciting plans you want to share? I love to live vicariously through people. Imagination is wonderful thing. Maybe it will give Lt and I some ideas!