What I learned planting azaleas


Let me tell you how to do this so you can decide if azaleas are right for you. First your plants must be in semi shade. No full sun. That is hard to do in Texas, but I do have one spot that will work, luckily.

Lt and I cleared out the bed (we had to transplant 3 buckets of monkey grass in the backyard). Lt dug the hole and I mixed our soil with acidic soil for the azaleas. They love that soil. I hope I did it right! Then we planted our first plant. We repeated the process with the second plant. We want them to mix together as they grow. Afterwards we watered them with root stimulator. This is to help any plant establish their roots quicker. 

I have also learned about mulch. You need this to maintain moisture. But did you know that there is specific mulch to use? You need to use a pine mulch for azaleas (or camellias and hydrangeas) because it is acidic, which is what the plants desire. You also need to use a pH strip to know how your soil is doing and adjust the soil accordingly. 

This sounds like a lot of work, but I am willing to try because azaleas are so beautiful. Plus the plants we chose will bloom 3 different times a year! Bonus!

Has anyone else planted or try to plant azaleas? I want to gain as much knowledge about the good and bad as I can. I am planing to plant more so I need the help. What do I need to know?


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