Compliment who?

I had a graduated student call me today with some questions. She thought "Who could I get to help me with this? My teacher, Ms H!". We talked and I answered the questions the best I could about online high school diplomas and what not. We then talked about what she is doing and I asked about her bothers (who graduated with me) and her two beautiful children. She ended the conversation thanking me for all I have done for her while she was my student and how no other teacher at the other high school encouraged her or motivated her. (I find this shocking) She stated that if it wasn't for me she would not have finished school. Heck I remember telling her she would not drop out and she would not get her GED. These were non-negotiable. And she finished and graduated!

Of course I thanked her, because that is what you do, and poo-pooed it off in my mind. But why do I have a hard time accepting compliments? I feel I need the validation from people but I do not know how to accept it when I get it. You see, when I hear a compliment I think no I should have done this, I could have done that. I am a my own worst critic I tell you.

This is one of the things I am focusing my commitment (remember that word from here?). I think one of my issues that causes me to have a harder time accepting is being vulnerable. I really don't like it. But you have to be a little vulnerable to take and receive compliments, don't you think? One journey, adventure, struggle if you will, is to work on being vulnerable which will allow me to accept compliments more easily. This will be a beast of a battle, but I will be victorious.


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