Is There a Thunder-Shirt for Kids?

So we got a nice little storm blowing through town. The Lord gave us quite a musical concert with thunder. Don't you just love that sound?

Well, my students did not! And they are in HIGH SCHOOL! Each time it would thunder they would have a comment. Then they began relaying what their parents told them as children whenever it would thunder. Most said they were told God was bowling. A few students quoted the movie Ted and said it was God's toots (I really dislike this one) and others said they snuggled with their parents who told them the truth about thunder, lightening and storms. I even had some comforted in the fact we have flashlights (even though there is no chance of electricity going off).


They now make a Thunder Shirt for animals to wear during a thunderstorm. Wouldn't that be funny if they made one for kids and it worked? LOL. Since that is not an option, how were you comforted as a child during storms? How do you comfort your own child?


  1. What is a thunder shirt for dogs? My little 7 lb Jack-ahuahua, Sassy, needs one! Bless her heart, she is a nervous wreck during a storm. My 20 month old has never seemed that bothered by thunderstorms up to this point. He has typically slept through them. It helps that we have a door from our bedroom to his bedroom directly. I think that has helped comfort him during just about anything. He knows we are literally on the other side of that door.

    1. Hey Chels! A thundershirt is a velcro jacket that fits snuggly on your dog, like in the picture. It is supposed to have a calming effect because of its pressure. You can get them at Petco, Pet Smart, Amazon, heck probably anywhere. If you try it, let me know how well it works for Sassy!

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