Happiness is...

Today's devotion on my iPhone app is so apropos. 

So I concluded there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can. (NLT) ( Ecclesiastes 3:12 ) 

Do you acknowledge your happiness? Often times, we don't recognize our happiness in the moment but instead look back years later saying it was the happiest time of our lives. Take joy in your current happiness, even if it is circumstantial. Let's do a better job of realizing our happiness and not be a person who walks around happy and not even knowing it. What makes you happy today?
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I have been doing some reading and watching videos on Youtube about finding happiness, being joyful and being the true you. One thing that resonated in me was:

We can not selectively numb emotions. 
We would love to numb the negative emotions: fear, hate, inferiority. 
When we numb the negative emotions, we actually end up numbing all emotions which leaves us without joy and gratitude.  -Brene Brown Ph.D.

Find joy and happiness in everything, even the negative little pet peeve inconsequential thing in your life. 

Today I am happy...
  • state testing is over and my class can get back to normal with more productivity
  • about the support I receive from Lt gives me even when I am struggling with myself (and him!)
  • I am committing (remember that is the word for the year!) to improving myself emotionally, vulnerably
  • I had the best time with my sister D last night going to a Boz Skaggs concert last night at an Arts Center downtown. 
  • I am making plans with my sister K to try to get together while she is in Texas.
  • tomorrow is Friday and I am getting an awesome massage Saturday
  • I am getting my hair "did" by my boys. I just love them! Meow!

What made you happy today? 


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