Food Wagon Bump

Frustration is at an all time high here. I know we are on the back stretch of the school year. We are one of the last schools to get out and that is June 6! Oh, mylanta, I don't know if I can make it.

Why is it when I am frustrated, upset, or even bored, food is my go to "friend"? Take today. Did the Devil plan this? I mean, come on! So my day started out fine. I was testing a student until 1:30. I had lunch, doing great on my eating. Then after 1:45, boom! World turned slightly off it's axis because it all came unglued. Not going in to detail, but frustration just shot up. So I go to the office just to get away and what do I run in to...a platter of cookies and brownies! Devil get thee behind me!

Now I am usually strong because I have a gluten intolerance. I stay away from breads and anything made with wheat. So walking away from cookies would have been easy, except today. So yes, I broke down and inhaled ate ONE chocolate chip cookie. Hey, I left the sugar cookies and brownies alone.

You know what, I didn't get that satisfaction I was looking for in that cookie. Plus I will pay the price for having gluten (sometimes it is so worth it...Red Velvet Cake from Collins Street Bakery). Why do I do this to my self. I need to find a new outlet.

This was just a minor bump. I didn't fall off the wagon, I just tipped to the side. I am back in and in control. I will not let this one hiccup make me give up for the day. I got this!

So I am send out the call. What do you all do to keep that chocolate/bad but oh so delicious food monkey off your back?




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