Evening of Moi

Lt is whisking his way on the interstate towards Austin to see his ultimate, favorite, to die for band Rush play in concert tonight. I am glad he has a friend to share his enthusiasm for Rush. I am not into them as much as Lt and Steve. So I sent them off with a wave, and off they went. Ok, I really was at work when they left, but I would have done that if I could have.

So with Lt busy tonight, I get to have quality time with me. I think we should all do this more often, really. Isn't that what everyone wants? To have an evening all to yourself to do what you want, watch whatever on TV (not just news or Pawn Stars), eat at your favorite place or food, or heck, just do absolutely nothing. Just to take one night to pamper yourself, focus on yourself, and enjoy yourself. Don't get me wrong. This can all be achieved with family and loved ones around, but sometimes being alone allows you to recharge in ways you can't with others around. If you are like me, you focus on other people and their needs instead of my needs.

Tonight is going to look like what tonight is going to look like....whatever happens will happen. I am not making plans (a miracle because I am a control freak and a planner) and just letting the night unfold. I don't know what the night will hold. I am sure I will be reading on my Kindle Paperwhite because Amazon.com has a hold on me!

What would your evening of you be like? What would you do if you could have a night to pamper/focus on yourself?



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