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In my travels of blogland and reading posts, I have come across Kayln at Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After's link up for coffee and conversation. What a great way to get to know other bloggers! So I am linking up and shedding a little light into who I am.

This weeks question: What are your two greatest strengths? What about the areas you would like to improve?

Coffee & Conversation 
Oh Mylanta! This link up comes at a great time in my life. I am working on some areas in my life I want to change. It is easy for us to hone in on what we perceive to be negative, needs improvement and focus on it. I also feel we were taught not to "toot our own horn" if you will, at least in my family. We do not focus on our positives or successes. Because of this, I have a harder time picking out my strengths, but boy do I know my weaknesses! The trouble will be just picking one!
If I asked my sisters, parents, LT, friends or co-workers, they would rattle off multiple strengths. As for me I don't quite see them. So here are the two that I see (at least strengths for me) and if you will allow me...toot toot toot!

STRENGTH #1: MY FAITH IN GOD. I know I do not mention my relationship with God in my posts, only because I feel when I am talking about Him, it'll come across preachy and I am so not that gal. But my faith is what has gotten me through so much in life. I married young (age 19) for 6 years before we divorced. Heck, I have been divorced longer than I was married. After my divorce God knew what I needed and what I needed to work on. He waited until Lt and I were at the exact time and place to meet (which was longer than my time schedule, but it is not up to me now is it?). Let me be a testament to giving your problems/issues/pain to God because it works. As you will read in my improvement needed, I tend to be a wee bit controlling (if you believe that I have ocean front property in Kansas to sell you!) but I do give it up to God and He has taken it. You just can't imagine the weight lifted off of me. God and I, we tight! (my attempt at gansta...don't judge, just laugh)

STRENGTH #2:  INDEPENDENCE. My daddy taught me long ago no one is going to stand up for you, but yourself. So I do not depend on others to get things accomplished, to fix my problems, or to take care of me. Oh, I like to have my hand held and have someone with me for support, but I got this. One of the things I am proud of is that I am my own person and I tell it like it is. I am not the type of person to let someone walk over me. If there is something to be done, or said, I am your girl. Don't get me wrong. I do not do it maliciously or snarky. Let me give you an example: At work, I am the one my co-workers ask to tell the office of an issue going on/not working, or heck just to ask if we can wear jeans on a specific day. I don't shy away. I am just the girl to pull up her big girl panties and deal with the situation.

AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT: I think the biggest area I need to improve on is letting go of control. I am a control freak-a-zoid. I do not know what it is about control that I have but it is a monkey on my back! Since my oldest sister D has the same issue, I think it comes from our father and how we were raised. Daddy always thought his way was not only the best way but it really was the only way. Growing up in that, is it any wonder I didn't pick it up and carry the family torch of control? I have a hard time stopping and smelling the roses. What? There were roses? Oh well, moving forward...let's go. Lt is has been doing a good job getting me to see different things. He is spontaneous. He sees a road and says let's go down it. I swear to you, inside I am hyperventilating. Stay on schedule! Don't deviate! Here is an example: We took a trip to New Hampshire to do some leaf peeping and saw a sign for a waterfall, 30 minute hike. He pulled in and off we went. I was excited to see this but nervous because of height issue, but onward and upward. We hiked through colorful fall leaves and once we reached this cascading waterfall it started to snow!

Now if I didn't let go of my control, I would have missed this experience. So this is my go to when that monkey climbs on my back I think back on that waterfall. Honestly, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. That is the point of improvement, right? Continually doing the dance of two step forward and one step back.

 But it's all good people, I got this!


  1. Letting go of control is so hard for me too. I just try and remember that I really don't have control anyway. God has it. So, it's much easier when I let go and give it back to Him.


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