Westie Wednesday

OK. So Gavin, my Westie Furbaby, has finally talked me into allowing him to introduce himself and give him a chance on my blog. He thinks he has so much to say. You just don't realize how nervous I am to allow this to happen. Cross your fingers!

Woo Hoo!! Mom finally let me have my chance! So we are going to do a question and answer blog about moi! She has put limits on what I can say. Mom hasn't figured out I have no limits!

Mom: Your name is Gavin. What is your favorite nickname?
Gavin: Dad has many names for me. My favorite is the one he sings. It goes like this: 
"Gavin Eugene Couscous Lamar. He once rode around in a shiny car." 
How did you chose my name? Why Gavin? It should be Super Dog!
Mom: Well, when you came to be with me, I went to a bookstore and looked up Scottish baby names (because you are my baby) and found out "GAVIN" meant very white. You being a white Westie it was meant to be. Of course you are all boy so you are always dirty.
Gavin: So that is why "Dirty White Boy" by Foreigner is my theme song?
Mom: You got it!

Mom: What do you do during the day when we are at work?
Gavin: Ummm, sleep? What you don't know is I also run around in the backyard telling those cats next door I am on the them and they are NOT getting my ears to sell on Ebay!

Mom: Gavin, why do you think the cats are trying to get your ears and sell them on Ebay?
Gavin: Dad tells me all the time those sneaky cats are planning it! Dad wouldn't lie to me.

Mom: Hate to tell you big boy, but I think Dad is pulling your paw. 
Gavin: Then why is Dad always trying to grab my ears and meowing? Huh?

Mom: Whatever, Gavin. So what are your favorite toys?
Gavin I love my flea. But that tree stump with squirrels in it has me out of my mind! They keep getting in that stump and chattering at me. I get that stump and shake it and a squirrel out but have to stick my head in to get the other two. But I do like to drop bombs where ever you and dad are. It makes me laugh. But here are two pictures of me with my favorites toys.

My Flea!!

It was so hard to sit here and
not get those squirrels!!

Mom: TMI on the bombs, Gavin. Where do you prefer to seat in the evening? With Mom or Dad?
Gavin: Whoever gives me a chicken strip! All right, Mom, I'll be good. I like sitting with both of you. I prefer Dad's recliner when he isn't there and the couch to snuggle with you. Does that make you happy Mom?

Mom: Gaaaaavvvvvin. You are walking the line.

Gavin: Hey, Mom, can I do another post? Huh? Can I? 
Mom: I don't know, Gavin. Tell me more.
Gavin: Maybe the peeps out there can ask me questions. I know everything! It could be called Dear Gavin. Or Gavin Knows Best. Or Hey Gavin. Or...
Mom: I don't know Gavin. Let's ask everyone if they think it will fly. Should Gavin do a post? Should he answer questions from the readers? Should he just stay home and look pretty?

Gavin: Please peeps, vote for me!!


  1. I used to do a Westie Wednesday! So fun! They love to ham it up!


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