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There is trouble in techno-land. My internet service is what is called "intermittent". I am waiting to have a technician figure out what the dilly-o is happening. I feel like this is a revolving ordeal. Within the last year we have had to have a new modem and called customer service about 5-8 different times. I am hopeful this is the last time and we will get some resolution.

Next, we move on to the vortex of hell for cellphone service. I swear to you, I could be a block or two away from my house and I start to have my service cut out constantly. Everyone knows where I am and how close I am to home by how well they can hear me. I have tried to use the phone with cell phone cover, no cell phone cover, inside, outside and it doesn't matter. So the solution is to change carriers when my time is up. Lt has a different service than I do and he does not have any problem. Now I have to figure out stay with an iPhone or change to Samsung Galaxy SIII. I will take any advice y'all can give me on which one to chose.

Now we come to my blog. I am learning about widgets and codes and linkups, oh my! Everything is a learning process and I love to learn! I have been blogging for a couple of months now and thought I'd give BlogLovin' a try. I got in too late for the Google Friend Connect and felt like I was missing something. Then like a manna from Heaven a new way to follow has come.  Show a sista some love and start following!

As I am typing this blog, the internet has had, how shall I say, a hiccup and is just the rainbow wheel from hell, spinning, spinning, spinning.

Technology is both a blessing and a curse. We continue to make strides in technology in so many fields and because of these strides, there will be glitches and hiccups happening. Even though I have had technology challenges this weekend I know...I got this! 


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