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I am joining up with Heather over at From Here to There and Ashley from Wannbe Green. Today's topic...Your Home Town! I get the opportunity to expound all the wealth and attractions my home town has to offer. 

I feel blessed to have grown up in a small farming community. Spearville, Kansas is located in the southwest corner of Kansas. It is flat, flat, flat. In the summer, 45 mile an hour wind is considered a breeze and there is a lot of wind and very few trees to act as wind breaks unless planned.

To you that may not be very exciting, but let me tell you the positives of this town. When I grew up the population was about 800. It has maintained that give or take 50 the last 20 years. Spearville is known as the City of Windmills. It still is but with a modern twist. We have several windmill farms! According to the city's website there are 99 turbines with 2 more windmill farms being planned to have a total of 270 turbine around the area! Wow!

Old Timey Windmill
New Timey Windmill

I have to say, whenever I do get back to that area, it freaks me out to see all those turbines! It is not how I left it, but so dang proud of their contributions to the environment!

There is not much in sight seeing and nightlife. Our entertainment was school sports. Our school used to be good at girl's basketball. I don't know if it still is because I have been gone over 20 years. On a side note: my graduating class was 18 people with 5 being girls. On a side, side note: I went to school with the momma to Willy Cauley-Stein, who plays on the  University of Kentucky basketball team. This boy will be pro one day!

Girls Baskeball ROCKED!

My old alma mater.
It's being torn down for a new one. Sad.
It was also built during the Works Progress Act.

Sorry my town doesn't have much to offer in the ways of visiting. But I must say, I am so glad I was raised there. I was able to go out and play as long as I can hear my mom's whistle. I had to be home when the church bells rung at 6 p.m. We had dinner together every night as a family. My family supported me in my endeavors to be a basketball player in middle school and a cheerleader in high school. My extended family would come to our house for dinner and game nights. My dad taught me to drive a stick shift out in the country. 

So thanks for tiptoeing through my memories of my hometown. Next time we will visit the town 25 miles west...the rootin' tootin' rough and tumble town of Dodge City. Yee haw!!


  1. I love this hop so much! It's so cool reading about hometowns so different from your own and I love learning about other places I otherwise might never get to visit. Living in the South Florida suburbs, country life seems so foreign to me, and I loved having the chance to peek into your world!

    1. You are welcome. And how cool was it to grow up in Florida!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful place to spend your childhood! Thanks for linking up with us today! :)

    1. Sometimes I wonder if I missed out on things you get from living in a big city, but I'm making up for it now!

  3. I love the windmills....thanks for linking up!

    1. It is so weird to see the changes they make in the landscape. Glad I didn't grow up with it though.


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