Charleston Trip

Yes, I have finally gotten around to posting about my faboo trip to Charleston over Spring Break. My sister, D has always wanted to head south, specifically to Savannah to check out Paula Deen's place. I just love to go on trips! So Charleston was the destination with a side of Savannah.

When I take a trip, I am a planner. I like to research what historical things there are to do see and do in the place I go. That does not mean I will go see them, but I feel a little more knowledgable and prepared. Down time on a trip trying to figure out where to go or what to do is frustrating don't you think? So I have some ideas what to see and do in both Savannah and Charleston. What I didn't count on was the time change and sleeping late.

So our trip to Savannah was quick. We arrived later than planned but made the most of it. Yes, we ate at Paula's place, but trying to eat both healthy and gluten-free was a struggle. Most everything is either fried or breaded. But these corn bread cakes were To. Die. For!

After our lunch, off we went to Bonaventure Cemetary. What the what? Yep, cemetary and let me tell you why. Remeber the movie "In the Garden of Good and Evil"? There is a statue that my sister loves. It is the Girl with Birds. I found out it was supposed to be at this cemetary. But 15 mintues before it closes doesn't give time to scope it out. Later read that it was removed from the cemetery. So here are a few photos of Bonaventure. Looks nothing like what we see nowadays. I like this cemetery better.

We did get in one plantation, but it wasn't what I thought a plantation would look like. This was no Tara. But it was interesting none the less. I really liked the Biblical Garden. It is the oldest garden and they had different plants mentioned from the Bible.

From then on it was all about the shopping and food. Let me just say, my suitcase had plenty of room for more stuff and never did get full.

Experiencing Charleston was more important than documenting Charleston as you can tell by lack of pictures. I think this trip for me was more about quality time with my sister. We are so much alike! Our trips are usually full of laughter and a little bit of fussing. But this trip was overall relaxing and the scenery amazing. Oh and we figured out I am better navigator than my sister!


  1. Finally got by to pick you up on Bloglovin' today. I would love to tour plantations and cemeteries around Charleston. Love that history! My westie is 16 and still just active as can be. She is my teenage child for sure!
    Have a great day,
    Lulu and Daisy


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