The Pink Growl: March Challenge - 30 Miles in 30 Days

So on my journey to commit to health, I have decided to join up with Nikki on the 30 miles in 30 day Challenge! Life can get out of control. Sometimes we just need a place to start. Won't you start with me?

If only we could wiggle our nose and transform our bodies as easily as Samantha on Bewitched. But unfortunately we can't. I tried it. It can't be done. Poo! I want to go back and change whatever I did to get here. To smack whatever I was going to eat out of my hand. Alas, it is not to be. We can't go back. All we can to is go forward from this point on. I love this quote.

I am making a brand new ending. I am committing to this challenge. I am sure this saying will be my mantra daily. But I am sticking it out.

Any motivation, encouragement, congrats, or butt chewing you can give would be oh so appreciated. I know I am going to need it! Help a sista out and help yourself: join and partner up! I already have the aspirin ready!! (click here for my thoughts on why the need for aspirin). 

Random thought: Why is it when I hear the word aspirin, I think of the movie Birdcage? LOL


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