Confession Time

OK, confession time. I have gone two weeks without being Insane. Yep, I have skipped the Insanity work out for two weeks now. Now, hold on, let me explain. 

The first week I missed, the workouts were switched to different days and I was unable to reschedule things on my calendar. I felt like a slug! So week two arrives (this week) and you would think that I would be all motivated and stuff. Nope. I continued to follow that pattern of not working out. I did walk a little with LT, but then he’d say something like, “Let’s go to Genghis Grill” and I’d be all like “Beat you to the car!”

 Now if you have eaten at Genghis, you know the food is grilled and it is healthy. This is not why I was speed walking to the car. Nope. It is because I really do not like working out. At least not right now. Actually, in my mind, I am fit and workout all the time. I plan when to exercise and what exercise I will be doing... in my mind. Reality: I am a slug and do nothing. 

You know, if you jump on the wagon of not working out, you find it hard to jump off because it is speeding down a hill at warp speed and if you get off you will do more than skin your knees. So you stay on with white knuckles and hope for the best. 

Well people, get some Band-Aids ready because this girl is jumping out of the wagon! My goal is to walk the everyday for the rest of this week (Thursday-Sunday) for 15 minutes minimum. I will let you know how it goes.

Just keep the mantra going... WE. GOT. THIS!


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