I'm the Kinda Girl Who...

Hey y'all! I am linking up with Running In Stilettos today!

So, I am the kinda of girl who...

...always has a picture with either my mouth open, a wild pose, or both!

...can rationalize anything!

...obeys the rules (except for speeding) and has the nickname "The Rule Monger"

...wears mascara everywhere even when exercising!

...loves to read but will skip to see how it ends then will go back and finish reading the book

...will pick an action or comedy movie over a chick flick anytime

...will make you laugh

...doesn't have to stop every few miles to go to the bathroom or stretch on a car ride. Let's just get there people!

...is a confirmed shoe-aholic and not ashamed of it

...thinks my Westie, Gavin, is my child (closest I'll ever get to kids) and totally smart and adorable 

...makes a running dialogue with Gavin. LT and I will even call each other and start a sentence with "Gavin said..."

...can watch the same movie over and over and over (such as The Birdcage, Red, Transformers, Iron Man...you can tell I love action and comedy, huh?

...will give up my own happiness to make sure you have yours.

...rocks out to 80s music. 

...counts down to my birthday-1 more day people!!


  1. My aunt and I totally email conversations of our dogs. Crazy and hilarious.

    Happy almost birthday!

    Stopping by from the linkup.

  2. Thanks! I am soooo glad I am not the only one that does this!


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