I survived the Birthday

So sorry I have been away! It has been a hectic week. Y'all know I celebrated my birthday last week on Wednesday. No I am not going to say how old I am. I will do a shout out to my parents for giving me the gene to look younger than my age! Woo Hoo!! Anyhooo, LT had to work on my day. It happens every year. I have learned to deal with it. But don't cry for me, Argentina. This allowed me to extend the celebration out to the weekend! So let's break down the celebration.

On Wednesday, the big day, all my students wished me happy birthday! Now this is a pretty big deal to me because they are high school students. It really set the tone for me. My day was awesome! That night I got to spend it at my book club with some amazing, influencing women. Then to top it off D, my sister, gave me surprises! I love surprises, don't you? Here is what I got:

Yummy Turtles and other chocolates from my great friend and co-worker (I still have some left!)

D found a gluten free bakery and got me cupcakes: Red Velvet,  Chocolate, Vanilla)
OMG! I can't believe I got this! An iPad mini! 

Lt's gift to me is the case for it. Waiting for it to come in today.

What did I do with Lt you ask? Well, we went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurant on Saturday night. Then on Sunday we headed for a road trip up north to a zoo. We just love going to the zoo. It doesn't matter the size, they are all awesome! I wish we could have gotten their early, early for the giraffe feeding. That would have been an experience!! 

My birthday may not have had a big party or lots of presents, but it was perfect for me. I want to end this post with a little wisdom I have learned. I thought when I turned 30 (yes I am older than 30), I had to become "an adult". Boy was I wrong! Age is a number. I am totally young at heart and that in turn keeps me young. My lesson: the older I get, the better it is. Live life my friends! You can always take Advil afterwards. LOL!


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