So we are into the second month of the New Year. Everyone starts the New Year with resolutions. Here is my thought on resolution: They don’t work. Resolutions are things you want to work on and usually only last a few months, for me only till the end of January. And if you are anything like me, you just keep repeating the same resolutions over and over every year. Oh, you may switch up the wording or add or subtract numbers so it is “new”, but who are we really fooling? It’s insane! What is the definition of insanity? Repeating the same thing and expect different results? Something like that I believe.  Well I was “insane” for years, but I jumped off that roller coaster last year. Yes, I stopped doing resolutions. Instead I have started to have a title for my year, a word to focus what I want my year to be. It works out so much better than resolutions.

Here is what I did. Last year, I found the word that became 2012. While I was in New York City with my sister D, the word “hope” kept running through my brain. Well you don’t need to hit me over the head much, and I figured out that 2012 would be about…hope. I even bought a cute as a button necklace with a “hope” charm to keep me focused through the year. Why did"hope” tiptoe through my thoughts? Well I guess I needed some hope for 2012. Just a few things that included:

Hope that…
1.    I could get healthy; especially since I found out I have intolerance to wheat and must eat gluten free.
2.    I can exercise more than last year
3.    My daddy will beat Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (and he did!)
4.    My relationship with Lt continues to strengthen
5.    I will have a more joyful life (which I started a Joy journal in November)

So this year is the year of commitment. Why, you ask. Well, for one thing I could not get that word out of my head for a month! I think God was trying to tell me something and I did listen. So here is what 2013 will look like for me:

Commit to
1.    Eating gluten free- which I do, but have found I substitute wheat with potatoes and rice so I need to commit to cutting my starch intake by at least half
2.    A workout regime- I have started to do the Insanity workout after school with my principal and co-workers. And let me tell you it was intimidating to workout with Mr. Principal!
3.    Finding joy- I do a daily Joy journal I follow from A Holy Experience
4.    Lt and our relationship- Do not take our relationship for granted. Every relationship needs to be nurtured, fed and loved continuously.

So as 2013 continues it’s countdown, I am committed to get the most out of life and live in the moment. It will be a struggle, but you will help me stay on track, be my accountability partner if you will.  Maybe my journey will inspire you, or at least make you feel better about what you have going on in your life. LOL. As I told Lt before we started dating…Let’s see where this takes us.


  1. I like your thoughts!! Picking a word to focus on a year. What a great idea!

  2. Thanks Anne! It sure does make it easier just to remember one thing. Plus I don't feel like a failure when I don't keep a resolution.


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